Grant lapped at the blood. He closed his eyes. The taste, the warmth. His whole body shivered. He stood back looking at her. Yes, after all these years she was the one. She would be his mate. He felt a connection to her. He couldn’t explain it. He felt emotions he hadn’t felt since he was a child. He watched as she looked up at him with tears in her eyes. He actually felt sorry for her. He wanted to go to her. Unchain her from the wall, and console her. What was going on? He was a vampire. He killed for pleasure. He took a step back from her. There were other forces at work here. Something he didn’t understand. He did know that she would be his.
Can Grant fight the human emotions Kelly brings out in him?
Can he control his hunger?
Can he hold back from draining her?
Will the lure of her blood change him into something else?
Will an ancient prophecy be fulfilled?
Can they escape the hunters, and witches?

Find out in the “Midnight Saga Series”

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Kelly cried, looking at Grant. How was she to raise their baby on her own? She walked around the statue.
Tears of blood streamed down her face and neck. She sat down on the couch, rubbing the ever-growing baby bud.

She closed her eyes thinking about their short time together. Her head jerked, as someone came upon the porch.

Kelly rushed to the other side of the door, and waited as a hooded figure entered. She grabbed at the hood pulling it off. The woman smiled at her.

"Well there you are!" She raised her hand. Kelly watched as it glowed, ready to subdue her. She smiled at the witch.

"I don't think so. We're hungry!" She growled, grabbing the witch. Her fangs extended. The girl screamed as she bit into her neck.

Kelly lavished, as the warm blood ran down her throat.

Can Grant and Kelly keep their humanity, and save their baby?

Can they fight off the witches, and deadly hunters?

Join the fight, as vampires, hunters, and witches battle it out.

There will be blood, death, and salvation.

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