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Hello, and welcome to my site.  Here you will find my published books.  Have a look, and if you see something you would like to read, please let me know.  I'd be more than happy to send you a FREE copy for a honest review.



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The Lucy Walker Chronicles


Michael Ables​ Books

The Lucy Walker Chronicles Book #1 The Beginning:  Follows a young girl in the midst of a thing(zombie) outbreak.  She meets up and falls in love with her neighbor Lee.  Being the daughter of a man who worked for the government. She offers Lee and his family a place to live, and the technology to keep them safe. Will they be able to fight the hordes of things?  Will Lucy be able to circumvent her uncle’s attempts at stealing her father’s technology? Will help come? Find out in this three book series​

Midnight Saga

 Grant lapped at the blood.  He closed his eyes.  The taste, the warmth.  His whole body shivered.  He stood back looking at her.  Yes, after all these years she was the one.  She would be his mate.  He felt a connection to her.  He couldn’t explain it.  He felt emotions he hadn’t felt since he was a child. He watched as she looked up at him with tears in her eyes.  He actually felt sorry for her.  He wanted to go to her.  Unchain her from the wall, and console her.  What was going on?  He was a vampire. He killed for pleasure. He took a step back from her. There were other forces at work here.  Something he didn’t understand.  He did know that she would be his.  

Can Grant fight the human emotions Kelly brings out in him? 
Can he control his hunger? 
Will the lure of her blood change him into something else? 
Will an ancient prophecy be fulfilled?  
Can they fight, and escape the hunters, and witches? 

Find out in the “Midnight Saga Series" 

A Mother's Snowflake


  • After the loss of his mother Jason, tries to find a way to deal with her loss. Things change when Jason is taken to a world of magic and human like animals. Can Jason and his new friends stop the ogres from taking over this new world? Join Jason as he embarks on a journey of heroism, and magic. 


Wolf: The Begininng

Read three short stories, leading up to the release of "Wolf"

Cheyenne and the Mermaids

 Join Cheyenne as she ventures to the sea.  Cheyenne makes a new friend and is taken to a magical place.  With the top most law broken a tough choice is made.  Melody, Cheyenne's new friend is exiled to the human world.  Join Cheyenne and Melody as they use the power of friendship to save the captured mermaid queen.  

Can they find the pearl of power?  

Can they rescue the queen and the mermaid people?  

Find out in "Cheyenne and the Mermaids" 





 Tom stood on the ridge. He looked down at his changing hands. He thought about his new assistant. He took her picture out of his pocket and looked at it. He raised his head and howled at the moon. His head jerked to the side. 
“Go away vampire!” the beast’s eyes burned red. Tom watched as the vampire ran off. He smiled. This town was full of them, and he hated them, and the witches. He looked down at the picture again. He couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into her.
Will a dream come true, be Jenna’s end?
Can she trust the man that hired her?
What about the little old woman she sees every day?
Find out in this fast-paced Halloween tale. Jenna will have to fight to survive. She will have to be careful of who she trusts. 

Cheyenne & The Easter Bunny

 Join Cheyenne as she ventures to catch the Easter bunny. Last year she caught a glimpse of him, but no one believed her. With her grandpa's help, she designs a trap to catch him. The trap fails, but she's whisked away to a magical land. Join the adventure as she teams up with Jasper the Easter Bunny, to save Easter  

Before The Lucy Walker Chronicles

 Two separate stories leading to the upcoming "The Lucy Walker Series" Find out their stories a week before they met.
Find out what happened to Lucy and her brother when they tried to get help in town.

Learn what led Lee and his family to move from their home, and hide. 

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